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Say Goodbye To Those Lockdown Blues

Sardinia Fitness Tours - yoga, cycling, trekking

COVID-19, Pandemic, and Lockdown. These were the three words with which we spent 2020. Feels terrible. Right? Everyone suffered either financially, medically, mentally, or physically. With limited activities on hand, we really became a couch potato. But no more!

Sardinia Fitness Tours is here to give you some new year fitness resolutions. Fitness tours are an excellent motivation to start working on the fitness. No matter, if you are young or old, a bodybuilder or a sofa spud, this is a time to burn extra calories and to feel fullest.

Our fitness tours are not a boring series of activities. We strive to make it fun and exerting at the same moment. Be it biking or cycling, you will feel amazing and energetic all along the trip. Join our boat trip and get a refreshing chance to swim along waves of Villasimius. Dive, snorkel, or surf against the waves, our fitness trip is going to be much exhilarating and exciting.

You would surely not want to miss that exciting E-bike tour along the historic location of Cagliari. Enjoy off the beaten tracks with cycling to uncover the hidden wonders of the town. Unspoiled scenarios, unique flora & fauna, and pleasant weather are the most adored hotshots of the island.

Riding on the bike through lush green meadows and adoring the enchanting surroundings is worth experiencing. Catch the ferry to Carloforte to feast Red Tuna caught by the locals. Say hi to pink flamingos and flick the sand of Poetto beach along the bike trip.

Nature is the best healer. So, what can be the best way to meditate in natural settings than joining a trekking trip? Trek up the hill, burn your fat, enjoy the cool breeze, and adore serenity and placidity of the surroundings. Do not forget a water bottle as hydration is the key to be in high spirits while feeling fit.

Food is love so why not go for some seafood this time? Squids, Pagellus, and Shrimps are ready to be on your lunch plate. Malloreddus alla Campidanese-Sardinian Pasta is not much complicated like its name as it treats our tastebuds with local flavors and finger-licking taste.

You might already be thinking about joining a fitness trip. So, why not check the dates? Our new schedule is available on the website. We promise to follow COVID-19 instructions to ensure the safety and security of our every valued participant. Don’t hesitate and push the registration button.

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